COINQVEST Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway


COINQVEST was established in 2018 and quickly become one of the best cryptocurrency payment gateways on the market for Bitcoin payment processors. The payment company is incorporated in Estonia and holds a virtual currency service provider operating license in the European Union.

The COINQVEST payment platform lets you process financial transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies and directly settle into fiat currencies (USD, EUR, ARS, BRL, NGN) or cryptocurrencies. 50 worldwide currencies are supported as invoice currencies.

The company is positioned in the B2B segment and is a recommended solution for merchants and businesses in the areas of financial services, payment apps, e-commerce, online gaming, selling of digital content or mobile apps. Clients integrate the COINQVEST crypto payment solution by REST API or various shopping cart plugins and SDKs and have the choice between hosted-checkout pages (the out-of-the-box payment solution) or customizable and self-hosted (white-label) checkouts.

COINQVEST provides an enterprise-level API that allows established payment service providers and payment apps to easily extend their infrastructure with cryptocurrency payments. For individuals COINQVEST is an interesting solution to get paid in Bitcoin, e.g. freelancers can issue invoices to their clients and get paid in cryptocurrencies.

Technically COINQVEST is built on top of the Stellar blockchain, an open network for storing and moving money. It uses asset issuers listed on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange for conversion rates between currency pairs.

Item COINQVEST Review - Details & Features
Overall Rating
Main Tagline Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing. Accept Digital Currencies. Settle to your Bank Account or Crypto Wallet. Built for developers & enterprise-level API.
Opinion Stripe for Crypto
Most comprehensive merchant solution.
  • Most comprehensive merchant solution
  • Top customer support
  • Direct withdrawal to bank account
  • Enterprise-level API & documentation
  • Multi-currency merchant account
  • Free Trial
  • Limited number of crypto payment currencies
Checkout Currencies 50
Payment Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, and any asset on the Stellar Network
Fiat Settlement Currencies ARS, BRL, EUR, NGN, USD
Crypto Settlement Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, USDC, EURT
Payout Time Instant
Withdrawal to bank account Yes
Exception Handling Yes (underpaid, overpaid, multiple-paid, delayed/expired, high slippage)
Refunds Yes (in merchant dashboard or API)
Swaps Yes (even fiat to fiat)
Deposits Yes
Chargebacks Not possible
Checkout Demo Demo
Hosted Checkouts Yes
Self-hosted Checkouts Yes
White-Label Yes
Custody Semi-Custodial
Blockchain Stellar - Integration of asset issuers on the Stellar Network
Pricing & Fees
Setup Fee -
Maintenance Fee -
Transaction Fee 0.5-1%
Free Trial Yes
Operating License Virtual Currency Service Provider License in the European Union
Incorporated in Estonia
COINQVEST Screenshots
Merchant Dashboard COINQVEST Merchant Dashboard
Hosted Checkout Page COINQVEST Hosted Checkout Page
Payment Details COINQVEST Payment Details


Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway and API. Outstanding crypto payment solution to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies on websites, online shops, mobile apps, payment apps, financial service applications and directly settle into fiat or crypto.

Tornimäe tn 5, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia



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